Indie Games at Glitch City

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Glitch City is an indie game development collaborative work space in Los Angeles. (Check out their website: I started following them on twitter a few months back, and saw that they were having a fundraiser. It seemed like a good chance to check out their work space, try out some of their games, and get in on a raffle to win stuff!

The event was on Saturday April 7th. I took a friend with me and here is what we played/saw at the event: (Get ready for some unique ideas you won’t find in the AAA video game space!)

Dad Quest: Want to play a 2D pixel art platformer where you’re a dad, and your melee weapon is your child? Great! This is the game for you. Seriously. That’s the game. I didn’t play it, but I watched another guy play it for about 20 minutes. The mechanics look really cool and as you explore new regions you’ll fight “boss dads”. (In early access on Steam now for $12.99.)

Donut County: You may have seen this at PSX 2017 or at the Indie Games Festival. You basically control a hole in the ground that grows larger as it consumes objects. I played about 10 minutes of this at the event, and I met some quirky characters (including a racoon). I’m interested to see more of the story when it comes out later this year! (Coming to Steam and other platforms in 2018.)

Where the Water Tastes like Wine: Ever wonder what it’s like to be a hobo? You can experience that and more. You’ll walk around in a 3D overworld, traveling around depression-era United States, and learn others’ stories told with 2D art. I didn’t play this game, but I talked to one of the Devs and watched as another attendee played. The dev was really excited about all of the other characters you can meet in the game and the different ways you can experience the story. (Available on Steam now for $19.99.)

Wobbledogs: Make your own dog and train it in a virtual play pen! I sat down and created my own dog – think a character creator, but for dogs. Choose size, length, number of legs and tails, and so on. Once you build your dog, you can release it into a hamster-cage-like area and feed it and play with it. Fun! (No release date, but the dev, Tom Astle has a Patreon.)

Waba: Strap on your VR headset and get ready to…put a cute cuddly friend to sleep! Waba is an interactive animated character that you can play catch with (like a dog), feed, and pet to put to sleep. (I’m not sure of a release date, but check out the dev’s site, Edwon Studio, for more info!)

Here are some pictures from the event! Oh, and I did win one of the raffle prizes. No, not the Oculus Rift that I put ~15 tickets in, but I did win Owlboy on Steam! Joy and fun.


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