Far Cry 5: Frustration & Fun – Top 5 List!

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I’ve put about 10-15 hours into Far Cry 5 over the past week, and my feelings are mixed. Oh boy, are they mixed. Sometimes I’m running around having a jolly old time with my companion shooting baddies. Other times I want to rage quit with frustration.

Should I quit?! Heck no! I’ll make some lists instead!

Since this is the 5th installment in the franchise, here are my Top 5 Frustrations and Top 5 Fun Things in Far Cry 5.

My Top 5 Frustrations with Far Cry 5:

  1. Loading times: They suck. I die a lot (even though I put the game on easy), and these loading screens after each death make me want to give up. (Bloodborne is coming back to haunt me.)
  2. Companion revive animation: Want to revive a companion in the middle of a fire-fight?! Think twice. The animation feels like it takes forever, especially when you have bad guys shooting at you. I could just leave my teammates down, but I want them to help me!
  3. Mission-Specific no nos: In the mission “Wingman”, you basically have to steal back a plane and drop bombs on areas. If you run out of bombs, they automatically reload right? NOPE. You have to pay $1000 to refill all ammo. Just want one or two bombs? Sorry, not an option. Don’t have $1000? (Because I didn’t) Too bad, no more bombs for you. Now you have to fly back and forth using your plane’s machine gun to destroy the areas. It worked out fine after a few passes, but I can’t help but thinking that this isn’t what I should be doing. It seemed like the mission was made for the bombs (maybe I’m wrong!).
  4. Arcade Competitor trophy/achievement: This trophy is annoying. Want me to play 10 multiplayer matches? Fine no problem. Want me to specifically play 10 featured multiplayer maps? Okay, that’s a bit harder because the whole lobby has to vote on the map, but sure. Wait, you want me to WIN 10 featured multiplayer maps?! So, in order to get this: the lobby I’m in has to vote on a featured map, AND my team has to win. If you’re going to make this a trophy, at least put me in a lobby where only featured maps are available. This is a huge grind.
  5. Boomer won’t get in my car: Then I accidentally hit him with my car. AH. POOR DOGGIE!
  6. (This isn’t a top 6 list, but no pausing in cutscenes! Ugh. Stop this. Listen to me complain about it in Early Thoughts on Ni No Kuni 2. Devs – why is this a thing??)

My Top 5 Fun Things in Far Cry 5:

  1. Open-World structure: Liberate the areas in any order you want. Go anywhere you want. Explore, hunt, liberate, crash cars. The world is your oyster (to completely wreck!).
  2. Perk points tied to challenges: This could be a frustration as it forces me to not play with my favorite gun, but that’s actually what I like about it. It forces me to experiment with other weapons, game modes, and so on. Otherwise, I might miss out on some fun stuff!
  3. Companions/Guns for Hire: Companions have personality, their own side stories, and their own unique skills. They are awesome! Nick will fly above you in his plane to shoot down enemies. Boomer marks your enemies. Grace snipes from afar. I can’t wait to catch ’em all! Pokeguns!
  4. Customization: We have a character creator people! Choose male or female, and customize your look to your desire. It has plenty of options – not a ton, but definitely enough. And I’m happy I finally get to be a lady! After your character is made, you can continue to change outfits in game. I LOVE CHANGING OUTFITS. YES. (Too bad I can’t really see them in first-person other than when I die. lol.)
  5. Arcade: Even though I have an issue with the trophy for featured multiplayer maps, the arcade is fun and goofy. I can make my own maps and try out others’ weird creations solo or in co-op. There’s PvE and PvP modes, so for people like me who are terrible at PvP, there’s another option. THANK YOU FOR THIS. I can see myself dipping in and out of the arcade for months to come.

What do you love about Far Cry 5? What frustrates you? Think my list is bogus? Make your own dang list then!

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