Looking Back on The Game Awards and PSX 2017

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I never posted about all of the fun times I had at the Game Awards and PSX in December. What a travesty!

Going to the Game Awards in 2017 was such a treat. I got early bird tickets to PSX, so I grabbed 2 tickets to Game Awards on the cheap. I took a friend from JPL.

2017 was an epic year for gaming, and I played (and beat) most of the games that were at the show. Hellblade was my personal GOTY, and I was happy to see it win so many awards. Horizon came in a close second for me, and is near and dear to my heart, but sadly it didn’t win any awards. Zeld BOTW swept up! I loved this game, and definitely think it deserves all the praise, but I personally prefer Horizon with the rich story and intense combat. Those Zelda puzzles are on point though!

There were so many fun moments at the show, but I decided to include the highlights: the infamous Josef Fares, and Kojima and Norman Reedus talking Death Stranding. Epic!



PSX was also a blast. There weren’t as many playable demos for the “big” games like in previous years, but I did get to play Far Cry 5 and Yakuza 6 among some indies. (Sadly God of War, Spiderman, and some others were not playable.) I saw a Dreams demo – and the content creation possibilities honestly look amazing. I’m pumped to get it and try to build my own mini-game! I also sat in a demo for Days Gone. I personally think Days Gone looks great. I’m not sick of zombies, and I love the third person action-adventure genre, so give it to me! I played some VR titles – Bravo Team and The Inpatient. Bravo Team was moderately fun, but it didn’t knock my socks off, and the flash to cover controlls were somewhat weird. The Inpatient provided some intriguing story concepts at first, but I was somewhat bored by the end of the demo. It wasn’t as scary as I hoped. I still don’t own PS VR – I’m not sold on the games yet – but I sure am busy with all of the other non-VR PS4 games!

Here’s some pictures from my PSX weekend. Can’t wait for next year!




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