My Gaming in Q1 2018

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So what have I been playing this year?

Horizon Zero Dawn: Platinum Trophy Hunting on PS4

I started the year by revisiting Horizon Zero Dawn (which I beat last year) to finally get the platinum trophy – and on January 9th I did just that. I got a 4K TV for my birthday in January, and that game was a great way to test out all the pixels and HDR goodness.

Lost Sphear on PS4

I got Lost Sphear on day 1 as I really enjoyed “I Am Setsuna” (which I still haven’t beaten…shame). I beat the game, and enjoyed it for the most part. It was the classic turn-based JRPG that I was looking for, and the characters and story were fairly likeable. It wasn’t anything ground-breaking, but I am glad I played it!

Monster Hunter: World on PS4

I’ve only put in like 5 hours to this game, as it hasn’t grabbed me like it has others in the gaming community. It’s still sitting on my PS4 dock though in case I get the itch to pick it up and try it again.

Final Fantasy 6 on SNES Classic Mini

I never beat this as a kid, so my goal is to beat it this year. (I’ve been going back and revisiting old Final Fantasies to actually beat them, see My Final Fantasy Redemption Story.) I just entered the Esper World about 15 hours or so in. Feel free to bug me if I don’t have a post saying that I finally beat this by the end of the year!

Celeste on Mac

I picked this up on Steam to play on my Mac when I went to visit my parents back in Georgia for a week. I have a Switch, but wanted the larger screen and to use my XB1 controller that doesn’t see that much love nowadays. I LOVED this game. The soundtrack is amazing and perfectly sets the mood and intensity of the platforming. Speaking of intense platforming – it has just that. I can’t remember my thumbs ever getting so sore. I really appreciated the assist modes put in by the developer. I tried to limit my use of them, but the slowdown time assist did come in handy for some extra tricky parts. The story was also emotional and moving, which I wasn’t expecting. The protagonist was not only fighting her way up a mountain, but she was also fighting some “inner demons” along the way. If you haven’t tried this yet, pick it up! My favorite game of 2018 so far.

Shadow of the Colossus Remake on PS4

I never played the original version of the game, but I sure did enjoy this remake! The visuals were stunning, and just like my time with Horizon Zero Dawn, I found myself taking lots of in-game pictures. The combat did get frustrating at times with the camera positioning and sometimes awkward controls, but overall I was challenged and satisfied when I beat a colossus…at least from a game play perspective. The story, of course, made me feel differently about taking down these large creatures. It was definitely thought provoking, and overall a unique experience.

L.A. Noire Remaster on PS4: Another Platinum trophy achieved!

I picked up L.A. Noire after beating Shadow of the Colossus. I wanted a relatively short game that I could get through and have fun with prior to Ni No Kuni II and Far Cry 5 coming out. This was a game I was curious about last year when the remaster came out, as I never played the original on PS3. I also love Rockstar and open world games. I really enjoyed my time with this game, and the detective mechanics. Finding clues, conducting interviews, it was a fun game play experience that I haven’t had before. I also liked the 1940’s open world, all of the fun cars to drive, and the L.A. setting (I found the street my apartment is on!). I looked at the trophies as I normally do when I start a game, and saw that this had a reasonable trophy list. (I don’t go after platinums unless I like a game and the list seems doable.) I beat the game last week, and wound up getting the platinum last night, 3/11, after a weekend with collectible grinding and case replaying. A testament to a good trophy list is that it makes me explore more of the game that I would have otherwise overlooked, and the collectibles really did just that. Platinum #26 is mine!

What’s next for Q2 and beyond?

I’m definitely getting Ni No Kuni II and Far Cry 5 when they come out later in March. I’ll probably play some Monster Hunter before then, or perhaps finally play Dishonored 2. I’m also looking forward to Yakuza 6 and God of War in April. I need to work on my backlog before all of these great games come out! And, yes, I’ll keep chipping away at Final Fantasy 6. 🙂



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