JPL’s Women in STEM 2018

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This past Saturday, March 10th, I got to participate in JPL’s Women in STEM event. The event was held at Franklin High School in Los Angeles, and hosted 3000 students and teachers from Middle and High Schools in the area. The goal was to inspire girls to pursue careers in STEM fields by showing them all of the cool things the ladies at JPL do.

The event kicked off bright and early with talks from a dozen women who work at JPL – myself included. The speaker-roster spanned all ages, backgrounds, and disciplines. We had a robotics engineer building climbing robots, an astrophysicist, a designer, a Juno ops lead, among many others. Following the talks in the large auditorium, each of us went into different classrooms designated for specific areas. There was an Earth room, two Mars rooms, and a Jupiter/Europa room. Here, we were able to have one-on-one conversations with the students. We fielded a lot of great questions, and I hope to see some of these girls at JPL or in other STEM jobs in the future!


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