Naughty Dog Studio Tour


Twitter is an amazing tool—when it is used for good. I started using Twitter earlier this year (in 2017), and one of my main goals was to be a positive voice in things I care about. Did you make a game I really loved? Great! Let me tell you how awesome you are. It was my attempt to spread some love when the errr “political climate” seemed to be creating chaos.

I’ve found that people really appreciate this, and I’ve made some great new friends in the video game industry– an industry that I don’t work in, but one that I admire. Whether the person I follow is a journalist, podcaster, game designer, marketing/community manager, or just a fan like me, it doesn’t matter. The video game community, as far as I’m concerned, is a great community to be a part of.

I met some Guerrilla Games people when I started tweeting Horizon Zero Dawn pictures at them, and gave some of them a tour of JPL when they were in LA. Through them, I met some Naughty Dog people, who I also began to follow on Twitter. These new internet friends were kind enough to give me a tour of the Naughty Dog studio in Santa Monica, CA last Friday September 29th.

They answered numerous questions about how game design works and described each role – programmer, artist, designer, and everything in between. Each person had three monitors, two for work and a third hooked up to a dev PS4 console to play their in-work game (which everyone knows is Last of Us II by this point). It was really inspiring to see their team in action, and to meet such kind, fun and interesting people. Plus, they had some pretty sweet stuff around the office. Here are some pics!


2 comments on “Naughty Dog Studio Tour”

  1. Hey there,
    I am a fellow admirer of Naughty Dog and just the sheer craziness of the journey you have been on is amazing and inspiring. I could not imagine how that experience must feel. I ran across this because I am doing research as a fan and student on the representation of race in video games. I want to talk to people that have pushed broken through racial stereotypes among other things and have delivered a great gaming experience. Naughty Dog is at the top of my list of developers who have produced such games. Is there anyone you know I can contact about setting up an interview to enhance my research. Any advice or insight you can offer to reach the people who are creating these games.


    1. Hi Francisco – I don’t work at Naughty Dog, I just have some friends there and they invited me for a tour. I think your best best is to find people on Twitter who work there. Good luck!


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