Cassini’s End of Mission Schedule

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A lot happened during the week of Cassini’s End of Mission on 9/15. Here’s the rundown of events and things to watch! (Of course after the fact since as you’re reading this the Cassini spacecraft is no more…)

The spacecraft’s final moments on Friday 9/15:

  • 1:37am PT: spacecraft configures for real-time data relay to Earth
  • 4:53am PT: spacecraft atmospheric entry begins, thrusters at 10% capacity
  • 4:54am PT: loss of signal at Earth, thrusters at 100% capacity and can no longer hold high-gain antenna pointed toward Earth; exact timing will very depending on Saturn’s atmosphere; Cassini spacecraft destruction will happen soon after this loss of signal

Cassini's final dive

Events on NASA TV, NASA/JPL’s YouTube channel and NASA’s main YouTube channel:

  • Wednesday 9/13 10am PT: Grand Finale pre-briefing
  • Thursday 9/14 1-2pm PT: Cassini Grand Finale NASA Social (w/ social media influencers)
  • Friday 9/15 4am PT: Grand Finale live commentary (90 minutes)
  • *Loss of signal from Cassini Spacecraft in Saturn’s atmosphere = ~4:54am PT*
  • Friday 9/15 6:30am PT: post-mission news briefing

Other TV airings:

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